CQDM’s 2015 Activity Report: A toolbox of success

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CQDM is pleased to announce the publication of its 2015 Activity Report. We are proud of our achievements as 2015 has been a year of partnerships. We furthered our collaborations in Europe by forging two key partnerships with Belgium and Germany, while consolidating our activities across Canada. Just this year, we launched 15 new projects involving researchers from the academic and private sectors across Canada and the globe.

Today, CQDM boasts a portfolio of 50 outstanding projectsspearheaded by 610 researchers from 68 organizations across Canada. Since 2008, CQDM has assembled a toolbox of novel technologies aimed at accelerating drug discovery. The financed projects are at the very core of CQDM and we take great pride in their success to date as well as their potential impact on biopharmaceutical R&D in Canada.

Given their importance with respect to our mission, we chose to dedicate this edition to showcasing these projects. Discover CQDM’s toolbox!