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Cycloinformatics: A platform for rapid production of medium-sized macrocycles as protein-protein interaction probes

  Competition: Québec / Ontario Program 2011 Funding: $1,000,000 / 2 years Beginning: September 2014 (COMPLETED PROJECT) A new class of cyclic peptide structures called macrocycles could reach intracellular drug targets to modulate protein-protein interactions currently inaccessible to most pharmaceutical agents. The potential to reach an untapped goldmine of new targets has attracted a great deal of interest and excitement in biopharmaceuticals. … Read More

Wednesday September 12th, 2018


A platform for in vivo nuclear receptor (NR) drug screening and the discovery of new pathways in metabolic disease and cancer

  Competition: Québec / Ontario Program 2012 Funding: $550,000 / 3 years Beginning: September 2014 Drug discovery is long and expensive, and many drugs that pass through traditional screening fail in development or after approval. Pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to make the screening process more accurate and cost-effective, thereby enhancing the drug development success rate. We have developed a novel, … Read More

Tuesday September 11th, 2018


Catecholamine-Regulated Protein 40 (CRP40) as a New Candidate Biomarker for Early Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease

Challenge: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative movement disorder afflicting 1 to 2% of the population over 65 years of age and for which there is neither a reliable diagnostic test nor cure. Since catecholamine-regulated protein 40 (CRP40) may be involved in regulation of dopamine in the brain, it represents a potential biomarker for early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. … Read More

Monday September 10th, 2018


Development of automated zebrafish high throughput screening technology platforms to accelerate screening of small molecules in disease models of protein misfolding and aggregation

  Competition: Québec / Ontario Program 2013 Funding: $910,000 / 3 years Beginning: September 2014 This project is a groundbreaking collaboration between researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital (SMH) and Treventis Corporation (both in Toronto), as well as the University of Montreal. Dr. Xiao-Yan Wen (SMH) and Dr. Pierre Drapeau (University of Montreal) are experts in zebrafish models of disease. The zebrafish is … Read More


Multiplexing Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging demonstrator Formule for HCS Systems for studies of protein-protein interactions in live cells

  Competition: Québec / Ontario Program 2012 Funding: $2,903,000 / 3 years Beginning: September 2014 Early in the drug discovery process, screening tests are used to rapidly pinpoint drug candidates that will have a potent effect on the target pathology. Recently, screening has started to be conducted within living cells with sophisticated automated microscopy systems (HCS: High-Content Screening). HCS is getting much … Read More

Friday September 7th, 2018

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