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A Zebrafish-Based Platform for Nuclear Receptor Drug Screening and Pathway Discovery in Metabolic Disease and Cancer

Challenge: Nuclear receptors (NRs) are a family of proteins that regulate gene expression in many vital processes such as metabolism, growth and behaviour. They are also implicated in a large array of diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Consequently, nuclear receptors represent one of the most important class of targets for existing drugs. However, mainly due to a … Read More

Tuesday October 1st, 2019


Cycloinformatics: A Platform to Rapidly Produce Macrocyclic New Chemical Entities to inhibit Protein- Protein Interactions

Challenge: While small molecules have delivered great value for targets featuring small binding cavities, their use against challenging targets with featureless interfaces are quite limited. Although such targets are better tackled by biologics, such compounds usually have poor cell penetration and limited oral bioavailability. There is thus a need to design biologics, such as peptides, allying high information contents (chemically … Read More

Wednesday September 12th, 2018


Catecholamine-Regulated Protein 40 (CRP40) as a New Candidate Biomarker for Early Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease

Challenge: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative movement disorder afflicting 1 to 2% of the population over 65 years of age and for which there is neither a reliable diagnostic test nor cure. Since catecholamine-regulated protein 40 (CRP40) may be involved in regulation of dopamine in the brain, it represents a potential biomarker for early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. … Read More

Monday September 10th, 2018


Automated Zebrafish High Throughput Drug Screening Platform: An Automated Zebrafish High Throughput Technology to Accelerate in vivo Screening of Small Molecules in Disease Models

Challenge: Protein misfolding and aggregation are implicated in diverse neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, frontotemporal dementia, Parkinson’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Currently, only cell-based screening assays have been designed and used in the discovery of new therapeutic molecules. However, these assays are limited in representing disease models because they do not consider the … Read More


Live Cell Imaging System for Protein-Protein Interactions: Multiplexing Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging: a rapid HCS system to study protein-protein interactions in live cells

Challenge: Studies of intracellular protein-protein interactions (PPI) is emerging as an important drug discovery tool. Since many relevant targets can only be affected by drugs candidates in living cells, specific screening methods are implemented using sophisticated microscopy systems. A way to measure these interactions in cellulo is through the implementation of Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) combined with fluorescence lifetime … Read More

Friday September 7th, 2018

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