Intracellular delivery of antibodies and peptides using a peptide-based technology

Challenge: The popularity of therapeutic proteins has recently increased mostly due to their broad applicability, but the druggable space for biologics is still restricted to extracellular targets. Indeed, the number of potential targets either secreted or with extracellular domains represents only one-third of the proteome, thus significantly restricting attainable pathways. In parallel, intracellular delivery methods are still plagued by inefficiency and limited applicability.

Solution: Feldan Therapeutics developed the Feldan Shuttle platform allowing the delivery of biologics in vivo to challenge the disadvantages generally encountered by the pharmaceutical industry with the current methods. The Feldan Shuttle is a new peptide family with specific properties including cell membrane permeability through the activation of a specific process so-called “fast pre-endocytosis leakage process”. Previous studies demonstrated that this technology used in co-incubation with free protein cargoes allows the intracellular delivery of active and functional proteins in different organs including the skin, eyes, lungs, muscles, brain, and liver. In collaboration with Dr. Calon from Université Laval, the main objective of the project is to study the ability of the Feldan Shuttle platform to deliver antibodies and peptides inside cells in vivo to prevent, treat or cure diseases.

Expected Achievements/Impact: The main deliverables of the project revolve around the generation of results derived from the ex vivo characterization of the Feldan Shuttle, and the in vivo applicability of a peptide-based delivery platform to finally deliver a pre-clinically validated peptide-based delivery technology for simple, cost-effective and safe delivery of intrabodies (“intracellular antibodies”) and therapeutic peptides to modulate cell functions. Being able to translocate antibodies and peptides that target intracellular pathways will create opportunities to develop breakthrough drugs. The project is already generating great interest from the pharmaceutical industry with the participation of five major pharma which is following the project through the CQDM’s mentorship program.











Principal Investigator:

Frédéric Calon
Université Laval


David Guay
Feldan Therapeutics

Ongoing Project
$ 1,241,474 / 2 years
Supported by CQDM through:
• Amgen
• Takeda
• GlaxoSmithKline
• Sanofi-Aventis
• Janssen

And by co-funding partners:
• Feldan Therapeutics
• Mitacs