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The CQDM is expanding its financing activities in all fields of biopharmaceutical research in Quebec

Montréal, May 23 2017 – The CQDM is proud to be launching its new SynergiQc program, designed to stimulate industrial research in the biopharmaceutical field within academic settings and to create economic benefits for Quebec.

SynergiQc aims to support Quebec companies, through the financing of academic research focused on their industrial innovation needs, by fostering the development of biopharmaceutical products with high industrial and commercial value, leading to the creation of economic value.

With the SynergiQc program, CQDM’s funding offer, which has traditionally been limited to platforms and tools designed to improve biopharmaceutical R&D productivity, will now extend to include all areas of biopharmaceutical research, including new molecules and other technology considered more competitive.

In addition, SynergiQc provides an opportunity to finance projects with new industrial members, from biotechs to service companies and global pharmaceutical companies to start-ups, as well as CQDM’s current pharmaceutical members.

SynergiQc is able to support a large number of companies”, says Marc Thibault, CQDM’s Director of Programs. “SynergiQc targets all Québec businesses that are looking to innovate in order to stand out locally and internationally by benefitting from the inventive expertise of biopharmaceutical researchers working in academic settings.“

Whether as part of a consortium (for start-up projects) or on an exclusive basis (for more advanced projects), SynergiQc provides flexibility for various companies to work with, and financially participate in, various academic collaboration projects meeting their specific needs.

In doing so, SynergiQc will increase the number of cooperative endeavours and partnerships between Québec’s universities and companies in the life sciences industry.

SynergiQc reflects CQDM’s vision, which indicates that to truly innovate and find solutions to complex issues, we must look to multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaborations occurring through public-private partnerships”, adds Mario Chevrette, CQDM’s Vice President of Scientific Affairs.

To view the call for proposals, search for the Program tab on the CQDM’s website at

About the CQDM

Since its inception in 2008, the CQDM, a non-profit biopharmaceutical research consortium and an industrial research cluster, has been driven by the mission to fund projects which accelerate the development of drugs. It does so in conjunction with its partners in the pharmaceutical industry, the same companies which contributed to its creation.

With SynergiQc, the CQDM is diversifying its financing activities in order to support a larger number of companies and to expand its pool of industrial members which participate in projects.

The CQDM is a catalyst where academia, governments, and the life sciences industry converge to create practical solutions to complex medical challenges.

The CQDM is funded by its industrial and pharmaceutical members as well as the Quebec government’s Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI) and the Canadian government’s Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE).


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