Technologies that accelerate
drug discovery


CQDM is a biopharmaceutical research consortium whose mission is to fund the development of innovative tools and technologies that will accelerate the discovery and development of safer and more effective drugs.


Become a global leader actively involved in creating Canadian and international networks dedicated to advancing next-generation technologies that will bring more quickly better cures to patients.

Business Model

CQDM is a biopharmaceutical research consortium that funds innovation. We bring together world-class pharmaceutical corporations, several Canadian biotech companies, the best scientists from both the public and private sectors, as well as the Canadian and Quebec governments.
CQDM’s business model is based on a collaborative approach where all stakeholders share the costs of biopharmaceutical research and benefit from its results. This approach leverages funds up to tenfold (each dollar invested in CQDM can generate up to 10 dollars in research), thereby allowing the biopharmaceutical research consortium to support research that could not otherwise be funded. CQDM uses this leverage to reduce the risks inherent to early-stage biopharmaceutical research. In doing so, CQDM bridges the funding gap needed to drive innovation across the academic and private sectors, especially where early-stage research is concerned.

A promising projects portfolio

Over $90 M raised

Since its foundation in 2008, our biopharmaceutical research consortium has funded innovation by raising over $90 M in contributions from:

  • 13 of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world: Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly Canada, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen, Novartis Pharma Canada, Sanofi Canada, Servier, Roche, Takeda and Amgen;
  • The Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI) of the Government of Quebec;
  • The Business Led-Networks of Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE) program of the Government of Canada;
  • The co-funding partners.

To date, CQDM has established 11 funding programs, launched 49 calls for proposals and more than 800 evaluated projects, for a total of over $850 M in funding applications.


To date, CQDM boasts:

  • 77 outstanding research projects;
    • carried out by a network of more than 1200 researchers, equivalent to 520 FTE* x year including 191 graduate and post-graduate students;
    • in 83 research institutions (40 public and 43 private);
    • engaging 142 mentors from CQDM’s pharmaceutical member companies;
    • for a total of $52 M invested in R&D by CQDM.

(*FTE: Full-Time Equivalent)

Convincing results

The results to date speak for themselves, with technologies that accelerate drug discovery and generate significant socioeconomic benefits, including:

  • 450 successfully completed projects achieving 88% of deliverables;
  • CQDM pharmaceutical partners committing significant additional contributions to several research laboratories to further develop CQDM technologies;
  • launch of 6 start-ups in the life sciences sector (calculated in November 2018);
  • $194 M in additional investments for researchers (calculated in November 2018).