Mission, Vision and Value Proposition

CQDM accelerates the development of tools, as well as safer and more effective drugs


CQDM is a non-profit biopharmaceutical research consortium whose mission is to support and facilitate multi-stakeholder collaborative R&D that accelerates translation of leading-edge discoveries into vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics addressing unmet medical needs while generating significant benefits for the Canadian economy.


We will increase Canada’s economic growth and wealth and improve the health of our population by contributing to a sustainable national life sciences innovation ecosystem as a long-term outcome.

Notre valeur ajoutée

As an established partner of federal and provincial governments, industry, and academia, CQDM deploys R&D funding programs that focus on accelerating the translation of innovation into socio-economic outcomes and health benefits for our population.

Our value proposition is articulated as follows:

  • A unique business-ledand purpose-driven collaborative model that brings together the private and the public sector to translate innovation into economic outcomes and health benefits
  • Privileged interactions with global pharma and other private sector organizations​
  • A market pull approach to address the priority needs of the Canadian private sector​
  • A collaborative model that leverages a large pool of resources and expertise
  • Financial leverage to de-risk early-stage innovation and attract private investments​

Comment nous y arrivons

R&D Funding Activities

We have launched several funding programs in a ‘‘market pull’’ approach designed to support collaborative R&D conducted in academic institutions (universities, hospitals, colleges) in close collaboration with one or more CQDM private sector partners (pharmaceutical companies, SMEs or VC investors) accelerating the development of early-stage cutting-edge and highly competitive innovation responding to the needs of private sector organizations.

Our programs provide essential support and financial leverage to 1) de-risk and translate early-stage discovery into early commercial product development; 2) develop enabling technologies to increase productivity/manufacturing capacity; 3) increase business R&D capacity; and 4) expose academic researchers and students to industrial R&D.

Extensive Network and Partnering

Over the years, we have created a unique framework to stimulate meaningful interactions and partnerships that integrate diverse viewpoints and expertise between researchers from various disciplines and milieus, including academia and industry. We are engaged in several partnering, networking and knowledge translation activities to provide a crossroad of exchange for the different stakeholders of our ecosystem.

Knowledge Translation Activities

We have created training opportunities for Canadian researchers and students to address real-world industrial R&D problems. Participating highly qualified personnel (HQP) will develop a business-oriented set of advanced skills, expertise and experience that augment their appetite to pursue industrial career paths as well as their readiness to enter the private sector workforce and solve Canadian business R&D challenges.

In 2017, CQDM established the CATALIS initiative, with the objective of positioning Quebec on the global clinical research stage. Since its foundation, CATALIS has mobilized and coordinated important stakeholders, such as health and social services institutions, pharmaceutical companies, patient associations and patient partners, to identify issues and deploy solutions aiming at optimizing the clinical research environment in Quebec, with the objective of maximizing private investment and accelerating the development of innovative patient care. Since 2019, CATALIS is an independent entity, but CQDM remains very involved as a founding member serving on the organization’s Board of Directors.

CATALIS is a flagship that fulfills its mandate to support Quebec as a world leader in clinical research for the benefit of patients and the Quebec population. It is supported by the Quebec’s Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation as well as by several major pharmaceutical companies. For more information, visit www.catalisquebec.com.

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