CQDM to launch a call for solutions against COVID-19

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as part of its mission to accelerate the discovery and development of safer and more effective drugs and vaccines, CQDM offers the governments of Canada and Quebec its full collaboration to find innovative solutions addressing this crisis and help those affected by the virus.

CQDM is also committed to supporting biopharmaceutical companies in the deployment of their discoveries. Accordingly, CQDM has decided to launch a call for solutions to all members of its network, including academic researchers and private enterprises.

If you have solutions to the current crisis in the following areas, please contact us as soon as possible:

  • Treatment, prevention or diagnostic tools
  • Enabling technologies that accelerate the development of vaccines, drugs or diagnostic tests
  • Methods to accelerate or improve clinical trials
  • Methods for monitoring and controlling the evolution of the virus
  • Improving production and supply methods
  • Any other technology or approach that provides solutions to the most pressing issues associated with the pandemic

All submitted proposals will be forwarded to the Quebec Ministry of the Economy and Innovation (MEI) and to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). Both levels of government will keep us posted on the next steps. Importantly, all submissions will be treated on a case-by-case basis given the current state of emergency.

To submit your solution to the Government of Québec, please fill this form and send it to Nadia Dubé.

Details regarding the proposed process with the Government of Canada will follow shortly.



For information – please contact :  Nadia Dubé