Announcement – An AI-Powered Platform to Mitigate Clinical Trial Risks


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CQDM and the Sorintellis Group fund the development of an AI-powered platform to mitigate clinical trial risks

Montreal, July 2, 2024 – CQDM is proud to announce the funding of a collaborative research project aimed at developing a platform for predictive risk analysis and assessment in the conduct of clinical trial, based on artificial intelligence. This $340,410 project is made possible thanks to a $136,164 grant from the government of Quebec (MEIE) awarded by CQDM, and a $204,246 financial contribution from the Sorintellis Group.

At the top of the list of challenges confronting the pharmaceutical industry is the proper assessment of the risk factors inherent in the drug development process. Less than 10% of potential drugs entering Phase I clinical trials will ever reach the market. Sorintellis Group, in collaboration with Michel Savard, PhD data science practice lead, at the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM), aim to develop an AI-powered explainable platform that integrates retrospective data associated not only with risks inherent to the molecule under development such as pharmacological safety and efficacy, but also risks of an operational, strategic and commercial nature that also greatly contribute to failures in the late phases of clinical development.

This unique and revolutionary platform will enable the Sorintellis Group to offer pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and life sciences investment funds a cutting-edge technology to support complex decision-making processes in the planning and efficient conduct of clinical trials. For Quebec, this is an opportunity to develop an advanced technology that will boost the pharmaceutical industry and reinforce our global leadership in the conduct of clinical trials, while leveraging the strength of our AI ecosystem.

“To maintain our position as leader in life sciences in Québec, it is critical to build on collaborative research projects that are innovative. By supporting Sorintellis Group in developing a technology that helps to make better decisions, we are encouraging the success of clinical trials conducted here while leveraging our AI ecosystem”, stated Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Minister Responsible for Regional Economic Development and Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region.

CQDM is proud to support this project, which aims to help the pharmaceutical industry optimize decision-making processes in the planning and efficient conduct of clinical trials, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs. We express our gratitude to the partners involved in this project, which strengthens Quebec’s position as a global leader in clinical trials and enhances our attractiveness, while leveraging the power of our artificial intelligence ecosystem.,” underlines Diane Gosselin, President and CEO of CQDM.

“This financing will enable Sorintellis Group to pursue its ambition of offering the pharmaceutical industry a platform based on explainable AI to support decision-making in clinical drug development. This innovative project follows on from previous major achievements by Sorintellis Group, namely the development of a proof-of-concept for a priori estimation of the evolution of clinical trial success, the signing of a contractual agreement with a multinational pharmaceutical company for the execution of a pilot project, and finally, the construction over the past two years of a voluminous annotated and multimodal dataset, whose enviable volume and quality reinforce our development strategy”, emphasizes Emmanuel Piffo, MBA Founder, President and CEO of Sorintellis Group.

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About CQDM

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CQDM is a not-for-profit biopharmaceutical research consortium whose mission is to support and facilitate multi-stakeholder collaborative R&D aimed at accelerating the translation of innovative technologies by the biopharma industry into solutions that address unmet medical needs, while generating significant benefits for the Quebec and Canadian economy. For more information, please visit the website: and follow us on X/Twitter @CQDM_Canada and LinkedIn.

About CRIM

CRIM is a digital innovation powerhouse dedicated to enhancing the performance and competitiveness of businesses and organizations. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and facilitating the transfer of specialized knowledge, particularly in artificial intelligence, CRIM accelerates their growth. Our expert teams work across various domains, including machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, data science, and trustworthy AI. As a non-profit organization, CRIM aligns with the policies of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy, its principal financial partner. Discover how we can transform your digital future at

About Sorintellis Group inc

Sorintellis is an artificial intelligence R&D company focused on the clinical drug development phases. Sorintellis aims to develop a decision-making system to support complex decision-making processes in pharmaceutical portfolio management, as well as in the planning and conduct of clinical trials. We are driven by the unwavering conviction that by feeding the decision-making process in pharmaceutical portfolio management with in-depth, actionable information on the extent of risks, it is possible to accelerate drug development and make smarter investments. Sorintellis has developed an AI-based proof-of-concept for a priori estimation of the evolution of clinical trial success and aims in the next stage to develop a platform for analysis of clinical trial success and interpretation of risk factors based on explainable AI. Sorintellis solutions are aimed at innovative pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs) and life sciences investment funds. More information on their website: or join us at

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