CQDM is proud to present a new series of events: Connect-Pharma


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Montreal, August 10th, 2023 – CQDM is proud to present a new series of events: Connect-Pharma. CQDM launches Connect-Pharma, with a first event for fall 2023: Pitch Day.

CQDM is pleased to launch a call for ideas for our new Connect-Pharma: Pitch Day event. We are searching for world-class research to develop novel and efficient approaches for targeted delivery of small molecules, biologics, vaccines, or nucleic acids to present to domain experts from leading global pharmaceutical organizations on October 19, 2023.

Projects that gain pharma interest eligible to obtain funding via CQDM’s Quantum Leap program.

We invite passionate Canadian researchers and visionary teams to submit innovative ideas that have the potential to transform the landscape of medicine and improve patient outcomes.

Research Focus Areas: We are particularly interested in technologies that explore, but are not limited to, the following research areas (any medical indication):

  • Tissue/cell specific delivery platforms
  • Non-viral delivery systems
  • Nanotechnology-based delivery systems
  • Biomaterials for targeted drug/nucleic acid delivery
  • Ligand-targeted therapies for specific diseases
  • Advanced gene editing technologies for precision medicine
  • RNA-based therapeutics and delivery strategies

We are seeking ideas that demonstrate creativity, scientific rigor, and a strong potential for real-world applications.

Interested in participating? Please click this link to learn more.

Want more information? Contact:

Jesse Patterson, CQDM : jpaterson@cqdm.org

Simon Fournier, CQDM : sfournier@cqdm.org

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