ADRIQ 2022 Award – Warmest congratulations to Steven LaPlante of INRS and NMX Research and Solutions, winners of the Industrial Sectoral Research Group Award (RSRI) presented by CQDM!


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Montréal, November 17, 2022 – During the 32nd ADRIQ 2022 Innovation Awards Gala, Steven LaPlante, a researcher at INRS – Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Centre, and NMX Research and Solutions, a Québec contract research firm, received one of the Industrial Sectoral Research Group Awards (RSRI). Presented by CQDM, this recognition aims to highlight the role of collaborative research as a lever of innovation in the development of tomorrow’s drugs.

Bravo to Steven LaPlante and NMX Research and Solutions for making this technology competitive on the international scene. Their project is a powerful example of how CQDM’s collaborative model encourages innovation in academia, SMEs and pharmaceutical companies, which then benefit their customers” stated Diane Gosselin, President and CEO at CQDM.

Through their industrial research project in the life sciences, each of the stakeholders – researchers, students, and SMEs – has achieved real benefits. Indeed, the project led by Steven LaPlante contributed to the advancement of the applicability of the Fragment-Based Lead Discovery (FBLD) approach, a method considerably reducing the identification of false positives.

Furthermore, the results have allowed NMX Research and Solutions to improve its service offering to enable biotech and pharmaceutical companies to reduce their costs by more than 30% compared to the use of conventional methods.

In addition, the project carried out in collaboration with 3 Point Bio also contributed to improving training and the acquisition of skills applicable to industrial research for the next generation.

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