Québec Research and Innovation Investment Strategy 2022-2027


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Industrial research clusters hail a relevant and ambitious policy

Quebec City, May 19, 2022 – The sector-based industrial research clusters (RSRIs), which form critical innovation and technology transfer hubs, welcome the new Quebec Research and Innovation Investment Strategy 2022-2027 (SQRI²) presented today by the Legault government. “This strategy is right on target; one of the main challenges of innovation in Quebec is to ensure the presence of experts and financial resources at every stage of the idea’s journey, from the laboratory to the market. This strategy strengthens the innovation value chain,” says Marie-Pierre Ippersiel, spokesperson for RSRI and President and CEO of PRIMA Québec.

The SQRI² provides for investments of $7.5 billion over the next five years. The funds will be invested in five priority areas: excelling in research, science and technology (1); creating an environment conducive to the development of innovation (2); supporting investment and the commercialization of business innovations (3); developing talent and a scientific culture of innovation (4); and focusing on sectors of the future and structuring projects (5). RSRIs are part of these priorities, and are directly involved in Axis 2 on the innovation-friendly environment. “The new government strategy recognizes that RSRIs are implementing a number of measures to help Quebec position itself in key sectors, stimulate investment and facilitate collaboration between the public research community and industry. We feel we have been heard,” adds Ms. Ippersiel.

RSRIs promote collaborative research based on close partnerships between industry and academia, ultimately creating more wealth for Quebec society. RSRIs also contribute to the development of a highly specialized workforce. The projects they support integrate high-caliber students, giving them the opportunity to hone their skills in real-life situations before joining innovative companies.

About RSRI

The RSRIs are made up of nine sector-based clusters for as many fields of innovation: aluminum (CQRDA), aerospace (CRIAQ), industrial bioprocesses (CRIBIQ), biopharmaceuticals (CQDM), electric and intelligent energy and transportation (InnovÉÉ), advanced materials (PRIMA), information, communications and digital technologies (Prompt), health technologies (MEDTEQ+), and metal transformation (CRITM). These clusters have been designated by the government as specialized intermediaries for R&D financing and business support. Over the 2015-2020 period, the RSRIs have enabled nearly $750 million in innovative projects, contributed directly to the implementation and commercialization of 1,749 industrial solutions, processes or technologies, as well as to the training of 4,377 highly qualified people.



Marie-Pierre Ippersiel
President and General Manager, PRIMA Québec
(514) 235-1627

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