Project funded through CQDM will explore potential of Fusion Genomics’ ONETest™ to improve diagnosis of respiratory tract infections


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We’re delighted to announce that Fusion Genomics has been awarded $1 million to conduct a prospective clinical study evaluating its product: ONETest™. The project will be funded through our Quantum Leap program with support from Merck and will explore the improvement for diagnosis of respiratory tract infections.

Fusion Genomics ONETest™ is a highly sensitive, cost-effective next-generating sequencing-based assay capable of simultaneously detecting approximately 1,400 known human infections in a single test. CQDM is proud to support the evaluation of this test to identify pathogens responsible for respiratory tract infections, which are a leading cause of morbidity, mortality, and hospitalizations globally. This project will enable faster diagnostics, that could be useful in emergencies and clinics.

Read Fusion Genomics\’ press release

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