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Michel Grenier, Executive Director, Centre d’entrepreneuriat, ESG UQAM, Mélissa Denis, Director, National and Sector Sales, Business Solutions, TC Media, Pierre Miron, Senior Vice-President, Operations and Information Technology, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Kathleen Zicat, Senior Vice-President, Particulier Québec, National Bank of Canada, Lise Bissonnette, Chair of the Board, UQAM, Robert Proulx, Rector, UQAM, Stéphane Pallage, Dean, ESG UQAM, Sylvain Roy, President, Rogers Québec and Honorary Chairman, Diane Gosselin, President and General Manager, CQDM, and Pierre Alary, Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, Bombardier. Martin Thibodeau, President, Quebec Division, RBC Royal Bank, not present at time of photo (photo: Denis Bernier)

Seven outstanding graduates of UQAM’s École des sciences de la gestion were honoured last night with the ESG Performance Award at its annual Gala, organized by the Réseau des diplômés ESG UQAM. The event took place in a festive atmosphere in the Salle Le Parquet at Centre CDP Capital, under the honorary chairmanship of Sylvain Roy (B.A.A. ’91), President of Rogers Québec, in the presence of Jean-Paul Gagné, Publisher Emeritus of Les Affaires newspaper, Honorary Doctor of UQAM (2012) and President of the Jury, Robert Proulx, Rector of UQAM, and Stéphane Pallage, Dean of ESG UQAM.

The 24th edition of the Gala was attended by some 315 people, including numerous financial partners and representatives of the business community, members of the University’s and ESG UQAM’s management, graduates, professors and students of the School.

“The Prix Performance Gala is unquestionably a moment of celebration and pride for the ESG community. It shows that we are training leaders who are making a difference in their respective fields,” says Stéphane Pallage, Dean of the School of Management Sciences.

The 2014 winners


Pierre Alary, FCPA, FCA (B.A.A. 78 )
Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, Bombardier Inc.

“For his leadership, management style and determination to turn obstacles into opportunities.”

Pierre Miron (B.Sc.A. 85)
Senior Vice-President, Operations and Information Technology, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

“For her attentiveness, her exceptional management skills, her desire to constantly push her limits and her commitment”.

Martin Thibodeau (M.B.A 02) President, Quebec Division, RBC Royal Bank

“For her management skills, her commitment to the community, her boldness and her authenticity”.

Kathleen Zicat (M.B.A 94)
Senior Vice-President, Retail Quebec, National Bank of Canada

“For his exceptional path, his involvement, his human approach and his ability to highlight the talent of his teams.”

Melissa Denis (B.A.A. 03)
National and Sector Sales Director, Business Solutions, TC Media

“For its leadership, energy, commitment and ability to adapt to a constantly evolving industry.”

Diane Gosselin (M.B.A. 05)
President and CEO, CQDM
“For her determination, commitment and ability to bring life sciences players together for the benefit of our society”.

TRIBUTE AWARD Michel Grenier (M.B.A. 03), Lecturer and General Manager, Centre d’entrepreneuriat, ESG UQAM

“For his generosity to the university community, his contribution to the School’s reputation, the quality of his teaching, his involvement as a mentor to entrepreneurs and his dedication as a coach of academic competitions.”

Thanks to our partners

Réseau ESG UQAM would like to thank its partners for making this event possible: Rogers Communications, Les Affaires newspaper, Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec, Allstream, RBC Royal Bank, Richter, Bombardier Transportation and Réseau Action TI.


The alumni association of UQAM’s École des sciences de la gestion counts over 85,000 graduates. As the ultimate gathering of management leaders, the Network offers graduates, ESG students and business leaders a privileged and dynamic forum for exchanges and contacts, enabling them to create and maintain friendly and professional ties.

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