CQDM's Commitment to Equity

CQDM is committed to implementing equity, diversity, and inclusivity (EDI) principles at all levels of decision-making and in governance, program delivery, research processes and funding. Our objectives are to:

  1. Foster inclusive leadership and research, within the organization as well as within the CQDM funded-research community.
  2. Achieve gender parity (50%) and significant representation of other under-represented groups (30%) on the Board of Directors and in senior management.
  3. Improve inclusion and fairness in CQDM program accessibility and project selection.
  4. Increase awareness of, and respect for, EDI considerations among CQDM program participants.


Our Leverage for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

50-30 : this Government of Canada’s initiative aims to accelerate diversity and inclusion in our workforce at the senior leadership level.

EDI Committee: this discussion forum on EDI issues was created to guide CQDM in its approach and establish an action plan.

Formation: EDI training for all CQDM staff and committee members, as well as for academic investigators supported by CQDM, to increase awareness of unconscious biases and to limit systemic prejudices in project evaluation and selection.

Consultations: involvement of the Canadian research community, including individuals from underrepresented groups, to identify systemic barriers limiting access to CQDM programs and activities; and revision of CQDM processes related to program delivery and project selection to identify and remove biases and barriers.

Program’s requirement: program applicants must describe how EDI principles are considered in the design and staffing of their research project.

We are excited to be part of the impetus towards making a more inclusive Canada, to everyone’s benefits!


CQDM's Other Impact Vectors

CQDM’s commitment to making the world more equitable is part of a broader approach to sustainable development. A system is sustainable when it is equitable, livable and viable.

In that sense, the United Nations (UN) has set 17 sustainable development goals for which all levels of governance are called upon to act. These priorities are reflected in the plans of the federal and provincial governments, as well as those of other stakeholders, including CQDM.

Of course, each entity has its own influence and brings its own contribution to the cause. By the nature of its mission and activities, CQDM also contributes to:

  • Improve the health of populations by accelerating the discovery of diagnostic tests, vaccines, and medications.
  • Generate inclusive public-private partnerships built around a common vision and objectives.


The Values Guiding Our Actions


Contributes to maintaining a supportive environment for the development of the sector in a climate of solidarity and openness to the different perspectives and skills of all stakeholders.


Proactive participation and commitment to the dynamic development of the biopharmaceutical sector.


Rigour, quality and integrity in our actions.


A way of seeing possibilities where none seem to exist; a mindset from which innovation emerges.


A wealth of experiences, perspectives and ways of operating in our ecosystem.