CQDM Theodorus Partnership

Funding for startups in the life sciences sector: Theodorus and CQDM are inviting researchers and entrepreneurs to present their innovative life science projects.

Contact us for more information: mpaquette@cqdm.org


Theodorus and CQDM are looking to accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies in the life sciences sector. This initiative is aimed at Quebec’s life sciences stakeholders, specifically:

  • University researchers ready to get involved in a new company in order to develop their innovative technology*;
  • Entrepreneurs whose company has been recently incorporated (startup) in order to develop a promising early-stage technology.

Submitted projects must be in the life sciences sector, specifically:

  • therapeutics;
  • platforms that accelerate drug discovery or drug delivery;
  • cell or gene therapies;
  • engineered tissues;
  • diagnostics;
  • precision medicine; or
  • AI-based technologies applied to the biopharmaceutical sector.

Disruptive technologies addressing unmet medical needs and offering strong upside potential will be selected among submitted projects, based on the investment objectives and selection criteria of Theodorus. The teams will then be invited to participate in a formal evaluation and selection process conducted jointly by CQDM and Theodorus**.

As part of this unique partnership, the selected project(s) may benefit from personalized coaching and financial support to develop the technology. Co-funding from Theodorus and CQDM may consist of direct investments in the selected companies and/or non-dilutive funding, depending on the nature of the selected initiatives. The combined financial support offered by CQDM and Theodorus may ultimately reach more than one million dollars. In doing so, CQDM and Theodorus wish to contribute to the creation and startup of new life sciences companies.

Researchers and entrepreneurs interested in this opportunity are invited to submit a short description of their technology and the next steps in its development. At this stage, researchers and entrepreneurs must only share non-confidential information regarding their project and discuss details with their institution (technology transfer, value creation). Information submitted to Theodorus and CQDM under this initiative will be used solely for the purpose of identifying projects that could benefit from joint support, which could include personalized coaching, mentoring and/or funding.

Act soon: The deadline to submit an application is August 31, 2021.


Please contact Patricia Escoffier (patricia@theodorus.ca) or Véronique Dugas (vdugas@cqdm.org) if you have questions regarding this initiative.


* A member of the academic team will be expected to devote a few hours per month to the startup that will be created.

** Selected project teams will be invited to submit a full proposal detailing the technology and development steps as part of the evaluation process. The evaluation criteria and selection process for successful projects may vary depending on the applicable funding programs, i.e., the nature of the projects, and may include presentations (“pitches”) to different selection committees. Funding will be subject to the approval of projects by CQDM and Theodorus, in accordance with their respective governance rules.