CQDM nominates Kuldeep Neote as Scientific Advisory Board member

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Kuldeep Neote

Kuldeep Neote

MONTREAL, March 24, 2023 – CQDM is proud to announce the appointment of Kuldeep Neote as a member of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB is a key committee of CQDM as it provides strategic orientations in biopharmaceutical innovation and oversees the selection and monitoring of projects funded by CQDM.

Kuldeep Neote is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the National Institutes of Health and at FACIT/OICR, an investment firm focused on accelerating the commercialization of oncology innovations and located in Toronto. Kuldeep is a molecular biologist by training and has many years of experience in drug discovery in the areas of immunology, inflammation and oncology. Among other things, he has established a drug discovery platform for chemokine receptors, which has led to the discovery and development of several clinical candidates. In recent years, Kuldeep has worked as an advisor to identify scientifically innovative and commercially viable candidates for partnership or investment. His rich and impressive track record in various pharmaceutical companies and his long-standing interest in integrating cutting-edge scientific discoveries into drug discovery programs, gives him a unique expertise that will be a major asset to the SAB and CQDM.

“The appointment of a biopharmaceutical development expert like Kuldeep Neote to CQDM’s SAB is excellent news. Kuldeep will reinforce the SAB strategic advantage because of his extensive experience in implementing cutting-edge scientific discoveries into drug discovery programs within various biopharmaceutical companies,” said Diane Gosselin, President and CEO of CQDM.

“I am delighted to welcome Kuldeep Neote to CQDM’s SAB.  Kuldeep’s broad pharma experience, his knowledge of the Canadian biotechnology landscape and his passion for promoting commercialization of quality basic science will be a great addition to our SAB team,” said Brian Underdown, chairman of CQDM’s SAB.

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